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URETERV Ltd. was established in 1986 to provide technical, economic and chemical technology design and advisory and manufacturer service. It is a private company. The principal aim at this factory is the development and manufacturing of a variety of polyurethane and fibrereinforced plastic products. The company produces polyurethane flexible foam, polyurethane semi-flexible integral foam, polyurethane hard foam, and also polyurethane elastomer products of different shapes and hardness. We complete all the complex technological activities to create the required product from the design and production of the necessary tools to the choice of material of suitable quality. The company's specialists have more than 30 years experience in this particular field of technology. Our specialists' extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience coupled with deep understanding of materials used will provide the costumers with a large degree of flexibility to satisfy their particular and special needs within the confines of their own system.

Residence of corporation: H-1165 Budapest Album u. 13.
Domicile: H-3792 Sajóbábony, Gyártelep
Address: H-1165 Budapest Album u. 13.
Phone number: 36 46 549 228
Mobil: +36 30 924 9144 /in English or German/
Fax: +36 46 549 229

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